26 March 2010

Digital Arts Tutorial

Digital Arts kindly asked me to create a tutorial for their March - April 2010 issue. Through 7 steps I showed the readers how create a vintage effect on digital photographs. Out now to buy and enjoy, big thanks to Johann for his help.

Calling Cairo

I was asked to design a flyer for the amazinly talented band Calling Cairo. If you haven't heard of them have a listen here. Or better still head down to their free gig at 93 Feet East on 30.03.10 at 7.30!

Through the Looking Glass

I went to see Alice in Wonderland a few weeks back... I'm not sure if it was because of the hype or the fact that it's a Disney PG but I wasn't blown away. I came out feeling slightly disappointed, even a little sad. I've always liked the concept of the film, the dreamy excentricity and flamboyant visuals but have never actually read the whole book. In view of this I have decided to read Through the Looking Glass and hopefully re-kindle the love. I dug a copy out of my Nans library and was pleasantly surprised to find loads of cuttings from newspapers sandwiched between the pages, all on the subject of Alice in Wonderland and the various adaptations. Above is an amazing illustration I found hidden under a horrible red and white cover. I'll keep you posted on my progress through the book.

12 March 2010

Should Boxing Be Banned?

Spot the tiger asked me to illustrate the question "Should boxing be banned?". It's a good one as I'm not sure how I feel about it, I guess no one forces the boxers to get in the ring but then the long term damage to their brain is devastating. Hmm... POW!

2 March 2010

Happy Accident

I can't remember why or when this happened but I stumbled across this image the other day while tidying. I like how dark the subject contrasts with the colourful imagery. I'm also a big fan of fuzzy felts, they make me smile.