23 November 2009

Four of Five Album of the Year '09

Last week I worked with the very talented Adam Ellison on a promotional flyer for the Four oh Five Album of the Year '09. We were given complete creative control which is always a joy, I think it's turned out really well!

22 November 2009

Bollocks to Poverty and Bad Idea

I've had a super productive week... Here's an illustration for I created for Bad Idea magazine, followed by a  banner I designed for Action Aids Bollocks to Poverty campaign.

14 November 2009

Window Wonderland

I was recently chosen as one of the 11 finalists for Apostrophes Window Wonderland competition. I will have my artwork displayed in their window throughout December at their St Christophers branch in Oxford St. An additional bonus is I get free tea and coffee for six months, woop!

6 November 2009

Collage a Tu

I've been collaging a fair bit recently. There's no major narrative to any of it but I guess thats what makes it fun :)