28 April 2010

The bird has flown!

A big thanks to everyone who regularly checks this blog, I have now made the move to Tumblr so will no longer be updating my blogspot.


23 April 2010

Accidental Collage

I fell and tripped...

A random collage that came out of a page I use for turning photos into black and white (long story). This is how things fell on the page, I thought someone out there might appreciate it.

19 April 2010

Innovation in Latin America

I recently completed an illustration for Research World magazine on the topic of Innovation in Latin America. I had lots of fun creating weird juxtapositions and making colourful patterns.

16 April 2010

Nylon Magazine

The very lovely people at Nylon Magazine commissioned me to illustrate their article on documentary film making. It was a great project as I pretty much had free reign. I haven't done a detailed collage in a while so it's nice to create something so busy, 10 points to anyone who can spot Daisy the cow :) A big thanks to Kristin for her help, it's out in May.

9 April 2010

Broken Budgie

Here's a lil' something something I found. It's circa 2005 and made while experimenting with my faithful old printer (may it rest).

3 April 2010

The Globe - Barclays Bank

Barclay's Bank commissioned me through the YCN Agency to design the front cover and opening spread for their magazine the globe. The piece is about a x-factor style competition they are running for new businesses.

26 March 2010

Digital Arts Tutorial

Digital Arts kindly asked me to create a tutorial for their March - April 2010 issue. Through 7 steps I showed the readers how create a vintage effect on digital photographs. Out now to buy and enjoy, big thanks to Johann for his help.