28 April 2010

The bird has flown!

A big thanks to everyone who regularly checks this blog, I have now made the move to Tumblr so will no longer be updating my blogspot.


23 April 2010

Accidental Collage

I fell and tripped...

A random collage that came out of a page I use for turning photos into black and white (long story). This is how things fell on the page, I thought someone out there might appreciate it.

19 April 2010

Innovation in Latin America

I recently completed an illustration for Research World magazine on the topic of Innovation in Latin America. I had lots of fun creating weird juxtapositions and making colourful patterns.

16 April 2010

Nylon Magazine

The very lovely people at Nylon Magazine commissioned me to illustrate their article on documentary film making. It was a great project as I pretty much had free reign. I haven't done a detailed collage in a while so it's nice to create something so busy, 10 points to anyone who can spot Daisy the cow :) A big thanks to Kristin for her help, it's out in May.

9 April 2010

Broken Budgie

Here's a lil' something something I found. It's circa 2005 and made while experimenting with my faithful old printer (may it rest).

3 April 2010

The Globe - Barclays Bank

Barclay's Bank commissioned me through the YCN Agency to design the front cover and opening spread for their magazine the globe. The piece is about a x-factor style competition they are running for new businesses.

26 March 2010

Digital Arts Tutorial

Digital Arts kindly asked me to create a tutorial for their March - April 2010 issue. Through 7 steps I showed the readers how create a vintage effect on digital photographs. Out now to buy and enjoy, big thanks to Johann for his help.

Calling Cairo

I was asked to design a flyer for the amazinly talented band Calling Cairo. If you haven't heard of them have a listen here. Or better still head down to their free gig at 93 Feet East on 30.03.10 at 7.30!

Through the Looking Glass

I went to see Alice in Wonderland a few weeks back... I'm not sure if it was because of the hype or the fact that it's a Disney PG but I wasn't blown away. I came out feeling slightly disappointed, even a little sad. I've always liked the concept of the film, the dreamy excentricity and flamboyant visuals but have never actually read the whole book. In view of this I have decided to read Through the Looking Glass and hopefully re-kindle the love. I dug a copy out of my Nans library and was pleasantly surprised to find loads of cuttings from newspapers sandwiched between the pages, all on the subject of Alice in Wonderland and the various adaptations. Above is an amazing illustration I found hidden under a horrible red and white cover. I'll keep you posted on my progress through the book.

12 March 2010

Should Boxing Be Banned?

Spot the tiger asked me to illustrate the question "Should boxing be banned?". It's a good one as I'm not sure how I feel about it, I guess no one forces the boxers to get in the ring but then the long term damage to their brain is devastating. Hmm... POW!

2 March 2010

Happy Accident

I can't remember why or when this happened but I stumbled across this image the other day while tidying. I like how dark the subject contrasts with the colourful imagery. I'm also a big fan of fuzzy felts, they make me smile.

22 February 2010

Rabbit in Goldfish

I'm going to try and make this blog slightly less about myself. Here's a weird image I found in my Grandparent's library in a book about things under the sea. I'm pretty sure rabbits dont live under the sea and neither do goldfish but if they did I guess this is what it would look like...

18 February 2010

Kitsune Noir Wallpaper

This week my work is featured as part of the Kitsune Noir wallpaper project. A big thanks to Bobby for including me in this, I love his blog! You can go and download various sizes to suit all your digital wallpaper needs.

13 February 2010

Good for the Soul

I've been working on a really open brief over the last couple of days so I decided to take this as an opportunity to experiment ...

11 February 2010

Happiness is... Eve Before The Fall

YCN have asked me to contribute to their magazine Ideas Illustrated. They asked me to respond to the question "Happiness is...? My illustration is based on the idea that before Eve was tempted by the Serpent all mankind knew was happiness. It was only after the fall that self-doubt and cruelty became part of this world. Sounds a bit dramatic but I've wanted to do something on the Garden of Eden for a while.

10 February 2010

Bostock and Pollitt - One Tree

Bostock and Pollitt have just released a range of recycled papers. To celebrate this they asked various creatives to respond to the phrase "what one tree means to me". My illustration is based on the idea of conquering the unconquerable. Theres some real good stuff in the book so I'm real glad to be included. Thanks to Corrinne for sorting everything out.

8 February 2010

Festival De L'imaginaire

The lovely Rana Salam commissioned me to illustrate the main image for the Festival De L'imaginaire. All very exciting! More images to come.

29 January 2010

Like Buses

So its been a busy week for me, one of those weeks where I leave everything to the last minute and make things really stressful. I've been working on a 6 page illustration for Sketchbook Magazine. Its all about Amelia Gregory and her infamous magazine, pictured above is the first draft, still needs a bit of work but its nearly there. Pictured below that is the cover and double page spread I illustrated for The Big Issue. And below that is a listings leaflet I designed for the African Film Festival a while back.

22 January 2010

Strongrooms Mural

Strongrooms, based in Old Street have just opened up a new post production suite called Picture House. They very kindly asked me decorate their newly purchased foyer. They gave me almost complete free reign which was amazing but I only had a budget of £50. Here's the result...its a mixture of collaged prints and acrylic paints. If you're ever in the area, pop and see it on Singer St.

18 January 2010

Bollocks to Poverty Banner

Action Aid commissioned me to illustrate a banner for their Bollocks to Poverty campaign. Here's my spiel.... 

"The idea behind my illustration is quite simply "what environment would you rather live in?" To show this I juxtaposed a rich healthy environment with a grey, polluted one. Most people would choose the rich and colorful environment; but not everyone has a choice. I just wanted make people think about the extremes of affluence and poverty in the world and how we should help those less privileged than ourselves."

Digital Arts Showcase

Christmas really got in the way of me posting this up but here it is. Digital Arts Magazine published a nice little showcase of my work. A big thanks to Johann for sorting that :) More updates to come...